Kuda Bank Transfer Code And Kuda Bank USSD Code 2024

Kuda Bank rose against all odds to become one of the most popular online banks in Nigeria, thanks to its age-old mantra: “Bank of the Free.” By allowing all customers to access basic banking services for free, Kuda Bank was able to attract a wide range of users, creating a gigantic and loyal user base.

While Kuda is best known for being “the bank of the free,” it’s also well known for being one of Nigeria’s pioneering digital banks. It prides itself in being the first “digital-only” bank in Nigeria, so the only way to access Kuda Bank is by downloading the mobile app on your phone.

However, other Nigerian digital banks like OPay, MoniePoint, and PalmPay now have USSD codes that customers can use for transactions outside the mobile app, but is it the same with Kuda? In this post, we’ll discuss the Kuda Bank transfer code and how to use it for transactions.
Does Kuda Bank have a USSD code?

As you may have guessed already, no, Kuda Bank doesn’t have a USSD code like First Bank’s *894# or OPay’s *955#. All customers looking to transfer money from Kuda to another bank must use the app, which obviously wouldn’t work without an internet connection.

However, while Kuda Bank doesn’t allow money transfers, airtime purchases, and similar services via USSD code, it allows you to receive money from other banks using the channel. The Kuda Bank official website even has guides showing customers how to receive money offline to Kuda Bank via USSD code.

In the following section, we’ll look at how receiving money to Kuda Bank via USSD works on different banks. Also, you’ll learn how alternative ways to transfer from Kuda, since USSD transfers are unavailable.
How to add money by USSD on Kuda Bank

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While there’s currently no Kuda Bank transfer code that works for outward transfers, you can add money to your Kuda Bank account using the USSD channel easily. However, something important to note is that the procedure differs slightly from bank to bank, so you may want to keep that in mind.

With that said, here’s how to add money to Kuda Bank via USSD on popular Nigerian banks:

Adding money to Kuda Bank using Zenith Bank’s USSD code

You can easily receive a payment from a Zenith Bank customer using the bank’s signature *966# USSD code. The procedure is similar to how you’d transfer to regular banks, with a slight twist.

To add money to Kuda using Zenith’s transfer code, you’ll have to dial *966*Amount*Kuda Account Number# from the phone number linked to the Zenith Bank account to initiate the transaction.

The resulting prompt will bring up a list of banks. Choose the option that reads “Other Bank,” and you’ll see Kuda MFB on the resulting page. Select it, authorize the transaction using your payment PIN, and the payment should reflect on your Kuda Bank account almost immediately if the Zenith Bank account has sufficient funds.

Adding money to GTBank and Polaris using USSD code

If you use GTBank, Polaris, or one of the other handful of banks tightly integrated with Kuda, you can add money using a USSD code you can generate from within the Kuda Bank app. While this process requires an internet connection, it’s a bit more convenient than the alternative, as you don’t have to manually enter account numbers and hunt for banks.

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Here’s how to add money to Kuda Bank using a simple transfer code:

Log into your Kuda Bank app and select the “Add Money” option.
Tap “Add By USSD” from the available options and indicate how much you want to deposit.
The app will bring up a list of banks. Select the bank you’re adding the money from to generate a USSD code.
Dial the generated code and approve the transaction to add the money to your Kuda Bank balance.

Note that you don’t have to own the bank account funding your Kuda Bank balance. If you need to receive money from an individual without a smartphone, you can simply generate the USSD code for them for a quick, seamless transaction.
How do I transfer from Kuda?

At this point, it’s no news that there’s customers can’t send money using the Kuda Bank transfer code, as it doesn’t exist. However, that raises another question: how do you transfer money from Kuda to another bank?

The most obvious answer is by using the app, which is also the traditional way to use the bank. Kuda Bank has always been marketed as a digital-only bank, so it only makes sense that transfers have to be through the bank’s app.

Here’s a quick guide on how to transfer money from the Kuda Bank app:

Log into your Kuda Bank app and select the “Pay” option.
Tap on “Send to Bank Account” from the next page. Select the recipient’s bank from the resulting page and enter their account number when prompted.
Indicate the amount you’d like to transfer.
Confirm the transfer using your payment PIN or your device’s secure biometrics system. You can add an optional message to describe the payment before approving the payment.

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The steps seem simple enough, but they require a stable internet connection, and for a lot of Nigerians, that remains a luxury. A Kuda Bank transfer code is already overdue at this point, and with competitors like OPay, Moniepoint, and PalmPay already offering USSD codes to customers, we can expect to see Kuda’s soon

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Kuda Bank’s success in Nigeria means it’s doing a lot of things right, but we have to admit that its lack of a transfer code is a silly oversight. Until we get an OPay-like Kuda Bank transfer code that works for a wide range of services, Kuda Bank will always continue to feel like it is missing something crucial.

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